Jogger vs. Runner: This Surprised Me

“Not today m*****f*****!” That’s what Seattle resident Kelly Herron yelled out as she aggressively fought back against an attacker during a stop at a public restroom just 4 miles into her 10-mile run. Using self-defense moves she learned just 3 weeks prior, she was able to get away. Thank goodness!

After this story came out, my sister pointed out something else to me that I found fascinating; something she had read somewhere, quite possibly Runner’s World, but I couldn’t find the article.

Now I’m not going to dive into the psychology, or do any in-depth analysis as to why this is, as I’m sure there are other people who can do a much better job contriving the reasons. Besides, I simply don’t have an answer as to why.

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A Morning at the Races: Griffith Park Trail Races

Prior to last weekend’s Griffith Park Trail Races (GPTR) which consisted of a Half Marathon, Marathon, and newly featured 50K, this was the only Keira Henninger race I have not been involved with in some way, shape, or form. She organizes seven races – that I know of – so I suppose it was only a matter of time before I got to this one. But the GPTR have been the only races where I have not volunteered, nor participated in.

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Back With the Group Again

Since August, with the exception of running with a few friends here and there, I’ve run mostly solo. This has been quite a departure from my normal routine of running with a group every Saturday morning which has been a staple in my life since 2004. But last year was not a normal running, or training year for me.

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Time to Shift Priorities

Whether it’s family, career, health, running, Netflix, social media  – we all have priorities – and the list is endless! We all decide what we’re going to consider more important than another. We all decide what is going to come first in our lives. We decide what we’re going to spend the short precious time we have on this Earth doing.

Gotta say, in the past few weeks, I haven’t made this blog much of a priority. Life, ya know? Whaddya gonna do, right?

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Starting From Scratch

If there is anything I like doing from scratch, I would say, baking cookies ranks pretty high. If there is anything I don’t particularly like doing from scratch, well, running and training would probably fall into that category. Nothing worse than having very minimal miles and then deciding, “you know, I think I’d like to run this very long distance that I was kinda thinking about running, but then I wasn’t thinking about it, and now I’m thinking I’d really like to run that distance after all.”

Actually there are things much, much worse, but I digress.

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A Temporary Inconvenience

There were some things notably absent during my last go-around at doing laundry – my running clothes. I couldn’t tell you the last time I didn’t wash any item, or garment even remotely running or exercise-related. Even during moments of injury (yes, I’m talkin’ about you 2014), I still managed to to do some form of exercise that induced a sweat which was most likely a ride on the stationary bike, or strength training. Last week, I didn’t even do that.

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2017: Here’s to New Adventures

Happy New Year! I guess you don’t need me to tell you it’s a new year, but in case you were on vacation and having such an unforgettable magical time you didn’t even bother to check the day, or clock, it’s now 2017! And can I tell you, how truly magnificent it is to have survived 2016?! Let us all give ourselves a pat on the back – even if you personally had a fabulous year!

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