Hello Darkness, My New-ish Friend

A few weeks ago, when my friend Melody and I got together for a trail run, it was dark and we weren’t thoroughly prepared for it.  Two weeks ago, we met up at a slightly earlier time and were better prepared for darkness. That is, after I dug my headlamp out of my drawer that apparently still had the batteries in it.  Thank goodness those batteries worked because I don’t think I’ve used that thing since April.

But my gosh who’s idea was it for us to start at 5AM?!

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Bye September. Hello October.

I actually began writing this post half way through the month of September and was going to say how I couldn’t believe we were already half way through the month and lookie here, the month is already over! So I guess I should say instead, I can’t believe September is already over. Someone told me recently, “the more older you get, the faster the time goes, ” and they weren’t kidding. Byyyye September. Helloooo October!

Wow. That was a handful to say to get to the point.

While last month zoomed by, I think I set some fairly realistically attainable goals. At least I thought so.

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A Labor of Love

Labor Day weekend was lovely! I started watching “The Defenders” on Netflix, did a little cleaning, and tried to stay cool because L.A. has been under a scorching heatwave for the past week. However, compared to what others are going through, this was nothing.

Sunday morning I went out on the trails, and it was a strugglefest. It probably didn’t help matters that it was already 85 degrees Fahrenheit at 6AM, the air quality was a little smoky and muggy due to the LaTuna fire that was burning up, and I wasn’t nearly as hydrated as I should’ve been. I guess that’s what I get for not drinking enough water the day before. Oops

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The Day the ‘dog Was None Too Kind

Wondering how I was going to approach a blog post isn’t something I often struggle with, or think too much about, but this one, I wasn’t quite sure with. I’ve been sitting on this post, keeping it warm, until I figured it out, and I suppose by the looks of it I may have done just that, but we’ll see how this goes.

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Letting Go

It’s currently Saturday afternoon when I’m writing this and in this moment, my body is feeling tired and my throat feels funky. It’s not a full-on sore throat, but it feels like there is a slight pressure. I’ve had this feeling before earlier in the summer, and was able to finagle my way out of getting sick.

So far today I’ve taken a lengthy nap, and if you don’t count the coffee, I’ve drank only water. Oh, and I’m finishing up my powerhouse green smoothie right now. To top it off, I’ve been constantly repeating my healthy mantras so hopefully my body picks up on it and doesn’t lead me down a cold road. That is, a summer cold. Maybe it’s allergies.

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A Deserted Trail Run

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but it’s actually been a month since my last post! Jeezus. What have I been doing with my life?! Apparently everything else besides writing. I’m going to do my best to change that going forward.

Summer is in full swing and every year it seems people get a wee bent out of shape because heat happens, and humidity happens, and people get genuinely surprised both those things are happening this time of year. Yes, in July. This week I even heard a news anchor say, “It’s so hot.” Really? Thanks Captain Obvious.

I can already tell this post may turn into a Ms. Sassy Pants post. We’ll see what happens.

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Off The Grid: And On The Trails Again

The June Gloom has settled nicely here in SoCal. It’s this kind of weather I enjoy, and at the same time, I don’t.  The morning is foggy and filled with cloudy, overcast skies, but later it tends to burn off, leaving an aura of glary haziness. The temperature itself starts out cool, but that humidity hovers, until the sun is able to burst through and the heat comes out, and when the sun goes down, hello to cool temps again.

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Turning A Corner

Umm, November? Where did you go? I guess ’tis the season when time speeds up at warp speed and my head is left spinning not knowing where the days have gone. Thanksgiving has come and gone and now we’re smack dab into the holidays with New Years Day right around the corner, concluding one of the most intensely emotionally and fastest moving years I’ve ever had!  I mean, seriously? 2016 was surely one doozy of a year!

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I’m Sticking To It

Sunday was the day! I knew Sunday was going to be the day for my return to the trails. It’s been two weeks since Javelina broke me down and I wanted to get back on the trails before I came to some sordid conclusion about how scarred I was, leaving me with absolutely no desire to be on a trail ever again. I wanted to assess. I also wanted to test out my new hat.

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On The Trails: One More Step

A day after having a not-so-great trail run I had tears for another reason – I reached 90% of my fundraising goal for the American Cancer Society which meant I get to wear my new running singlet! And then on Wednesday morning, I reached 100% of my goal and unlike Monday’s tears, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s tears were indeed happy tears!

Training for both the Chicago Marathon and Javelina Jundred which occur 3 weeks apart from each other, has been a mixed bag of emotions. Both races mean a lot to me for different reasons. Chicago will not only be my 25th marathon, but I’m getting to run for a cause I’m passionate about, and Javelina will be my first 100 mile race. Big milestones, not only in my running career, but in my life!

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