Sean O’Brien 50K 2018

The Monday before the race, I was still registered for the Sean O’Brien 50 Mile. I knew it was in my best interest to dip my body down to the 50K distance but the ego kept talking to me!

Oh just go for the 50 miles.

You know you want to. 

You’re trained. Well, somewhat.

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Fred Lebow Manhattan Half 2018

My travel plans to New York City had already been set when I ventured over to the NYRR website to see what races they had going on during the time I’d be there. When I initially checked, nothing was set, but based on the 2017 date, I thought that maybe, just maybe, the Fred Lebow Manhattan Half would be happening while I was there. As luck would have it, the race was being held the weekend I arrived! Yes!

Now all I had to do was wait and register. Good thing I didn’t wait too long after registration opened to sign up because the race sold out!

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Leona Divide 50K 2017: Race Recap

The butterflies showed up early on race morning and I wasn’t expecting them. It’s always normal for me to feel a little nervous before a race, but my stomach was in total knots.

So I did what I always do: I took deep breaths and told myself, “One foot in front of the other. That’s all. No pressure. Just relax.”

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Javelina Jundred 2016: race recap

I went into Javelina Jundred  — my first 100 mile race — feeling as prepared as I could be. When I started to look at the 10-day forecast, the Phoenix area had a high of 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and wouldn’t that have been nifty if it actually stayed that way? But as each day passed and inched closer to race day, the temperature also increased. When I arrived on Thursday, there was a record setting temperature of 100 degrees that day, but I didn’t let it phase me. I trained for the heat and I had no control over what it is. All I knew was, Saturday was going to be a hot one, but I didn’t know what I was in for. But isn’t that the whole point of me doing 100 miles? To find out.

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Chicago Marathon 2016: Race Recap

If I could draw any similarities between my first Chicago Marathon and this one, it would be the weather was awfully similar. Very similar. In fact, practically identical. And that would be the only similarity because this time around, everything else was different.

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Bulldog 50K 2016 recap

I love when the night before a big race I have my things ready early, I go to bed early, and I get the best sleep ever only to wake up feeling so energized and refreshed for the big day. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen the night before the Bulldog 50K.

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miwok 100k 2016

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have my Miwok 100K race recap! Aha! You thought I was going to say “the facts of life” didn’t you? Actually I understand there may be a generation gap not aware of the old 80’s tv show “The Facts of Life” but trust me, that first sentence definitely applies to the race I just had.

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leona divide 50k 2016

There were a couple of great reasons for me to run the Leona Divide 50K. One reason was for me to tie up loose ends, and seek redemption at a race which was supposed to be my first ultra marathon when it turned out to be my first DNF. Another reason had something a little bigger on the line and that is, it served as a training run for my next race, the Miwok 100K. Leona was going to give me a snapshot of what I might be up against when I face my longest race distance yet coming up in a few short weeks, but I’ll get to that in another post because this is all about Leona.

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run deo run 50k 2016

Ohhhh the magical world of UltraSignup. If you ever find yourself on this site — beware. You could find yourself gazing deep into it’s Hot List and the Deal pages’ eyes and before you know it, 8 hours of your life have passed by and you didn’t even stop for snacks. If I could describe UltraSignup in one word it’s, addicting, and it could be a fair assumption, a lot of trail runners feel the same way.

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san diego 50 2016

Going into the San Diego 50, I had a few main goals in mind: don’t die, don’t get injured, don’t hear any coyotes howling, have fun, and finish…in one piece. I’d like to say I succeeded on ALL of those, but there was one particular goal, I just couldn’t avoid.

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