2017: Here’s to New Adventures

Happy New Year! I guess you don’t need me to tell you it’s a new year, but in case you were on vacation and having such an unforgettable magical time you didn’t even bother to check the day, or clock, it’s now 2017! And can I tell you, how truly magnificent it is to have survived 2016?! Let us all give ourselves a pat on the back – even if you personally had a fabulous year!

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A Time to Recover

After a couple of days of coming to grips with the reality of what happened at Javelina Jundred, it was time for me to embrace recovery. If there was anything I was looking more forward to, other than earning my first 100 mile buckle, it was the recovery time! Of course, recovery is looking much different than I had expected.

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Chicago Marathon: With Love and Gratitude

On Tuesday I posted about reaching my first initial goal of receiving 75% of my fundraising goal for the American Cancer Society. I moved the bar up again and aimed to reached 90% so I can wear my new running singlet, and the goal was met within a matter of minutes of posting. On Wednesday morning, I woke up and checked my email, only to discover I not only reached my goal of 100%, I surpassed it!!!

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Chicago Marathon: Reaching A Goal

Back in June, I received my first official shirt from the American Cancer Society (ACS) and I couldn’t have been more excited to receive it! I had no idea I was getting it! I mean, I knew I would be getting a shirt at some point but I didn’t know when. It was the first time I felt like I was really going to be a part of something much bigger than myself. Running the Chicago Marathon in a few short weeks isn’t about me this time around. It’s about others.

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keep moving forward

I just had to pick the loudest, most squeakiest treadmills in the gym but I needed to get part of my run in. The humidity outside feels heavy and draining, and it’s tough to breath as deeply as I’d like. I needed some relief from it.

I don’t “dread” the treadmill as much as some people do. I find it suits it’s purpose well by allowing me to run and not be engulfed in high humidity and hot temps. It takes me out of a miserable atmosphere and puts me in a less miserable place so I can do what I enjoy doing, and what I need to do in order to continue training for Javelina and all these other races I have lined up.

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feeling all the gratitude today

So I got back from a run today and it was one of those runs where I was so in the zone that I didn’t even stop to take any photos. This run still counts, right? 

My mind couldn’t stop thinking and my body couldn’t stop feeling so much gratitude for life! I don’t even know what prompted this (could’ve been the intense meditation session I had just before it), but in an instant there was this overwhelming sense of being so thankful for everything in my life – both currently, and everything which has occurred in my past. All the good stuff and all the not so good stuff.

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sparking up the mojo

I think it’s pretty common amongst runners that from time to time we lose our mojo. You know, our zest for running. Our spark. Our drive. Our motivation to don our running shoes and head out the door to hit the road, or treadmill, or the trails, or wherever else our feet want to take us. Ever since the Miwok 100k race ended, I experienced a different lack of mojo – my writing mojo.

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la marathon 2015: for tia bronco

Why do I sign up for these things? That’s usually what I ask myself sometime during the week of the marathon, and mile 18. Just as I always suspect, this year’s marathon will
be another hot one. I ran my first LA Marathon back in 2004 when we had record
high heat and every mile or so, I’d hear the ambulance sirens zooming by. I remember being on Olympic Blvd. around mile 15 when I noticed the temperature listed on the electronic bank sign read 95 degrees. Sure it was probably off by a degree or so, but that’s pretty darn hot. You’d think by now, I’d be used to the heat, but I never am.
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back at it

I’ve been very absent from my blog for a while and there are a few reasons for that. Life is busy and the leisure time I do have, I spend it doing something else more leisurely than writing. Also, since sustaining my ankle sprain in early June, I really haven’t had much running activity. Thus, not much to really write about. And the very little running I did do, I really wasn’t motivated to write about it either. So today I ran 2 miles…

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