Time to Shift Priorities

Whether it’s family, career, health, running, Netflix, social media  – we all have priorities – and the list is endless! We all decide what we’re going to consider more important than another. We all decide what is going to come first in our lives. We decide what we’re going to spend the short precious time we have on this Earth doing.

Gotta say, in the past few weeks, I haven’t made this blog much of a priority. Life, ya know? Whaddya gonna do, right?

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Starting From Scratch

If there is anything I like doing from scratch, I would say, baking cookies ranks pretty high. If there is anything I don’t particularly like doing from scratch, well, running and training would probably fall into that category. Nothing worse than having very minimal miles and then deciding, “you know, I think I’d like to run this very long distance that I was kinda thinking about running, but then I wasn’t thinking about it, and now I’m thinking I’d really like to run that distance after all.”

Actually there are things much, much worse, but I digress.

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A Temporary Inconvenience

There were some things notably absent during my last go-around at doing laundry – my running clothes. I couldn’t tell you the last time I didn’t wash any item, or garment even remotely running or exercise-related. Even during moments of injury (yes, I’m talkin’ about you 2014), I still managed to to do some form of exercise that induced a sweat which was most likely a ride on the stationary bike, or strength training. Last week, I didn’t even do that.

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how to attend a vegan festival

Hi friends!

If you’re like me, chances are you’re not particularly fond of big festivals. The Coachella Music Festival is one ginormous event nearby with thousands of people flocking to it over the course of two weekends in April. And I LOVE it! No, I’ve never been, nor do I aspire to attend. I love it because people get out of LA for the weekend and my grocery stores and freeways get quieter. Is it possible to have the Coachella gig every weekend?

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attack of a non-common cold

As I was doing laundry last weekend, there were some very notable items missing from my pile — my running clothes. The previous Monday evening, both my ears started to ache, and a sore throat came on. Waking up on Tuesday, the sore throat was still around and to me, it was a clear message a cold was coming on. At least I thought it was.

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coming up with a game plan

Even without doing any running for the past month, life has been pretty busy.  Time has been spent trying to keep sane from all the lack of running and figuring out what the hell happened this year. I’ve never had a running year quite like this one. Before when I didn’t run, it was
because I chose not to run. I chose. Not because I was forced not to.  As days have gone on, it’s become increasingly difficult to wait this injury out.

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twofer tuesday

I’m trying to get ready for my upcoming training for RnR LA by keeping my mileage low and working on increasing my leg strength this week. So yesterday when I had to run an errand, I decided to tack on some hill work. There is a street nearby with a massive incline that I like to call “El Diablo” because it’s evil.

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yoga and dinosaur kale

Overall I think my workouts went well this well except that I didn’t do much strength training. I managed one session and that was it. And in lieu of my Sunday morning run, I decided to do yoga instead. On Thursday I felt some discomfort in my left knee again, and then on Saturday when I was warming up, that discomfort came back. When I got up this morning I was hesitant to go out because I didn’t want to aggravate something that could potentially get worse if I don’t watch it. I decided to play it cool and do yoga instead and was mindful about not overstretching.
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