When Bad News Is Actually Good

This week I was anxiously awaiting word on whether I was going to be accepted into the Chicago Marathon. After I ran it last year, I knew I wanted to return. But instead of registering as part of a charity like I did in 2016, I opted to partake in the lottery and on October 31st, I threw my name into the hat.

Since then I’ve been toying around with other races I’d like to do in the new year. There are certainly some I’ve done before, and new races that have sprung up that I have my eye on. However, Chicago still remained on the list.

When Tuesday morning arrived, it was Happy Chicago Marathon Lottery Day!

I checked my email first thing. Nothing.

I checked my account. Nothing.

I checked my email again. Nothing.

I checked my account again. Nothing.

This continued throughout the morning. Every time I received a new email notification, my heart would pound a little bit faster, but it was just Orange Mud telling me that they have last minute holiday gifts, or it was a new Change.org petition that needs my attention.

Once I knew people were receiving notifications of their acceptances, my constant need for checking didn’t stop, and then a few hours later I got the email!


First of all, I’m no newbie when it comes to receiving race lottery notifications and I know that there’s a very good chance I would notice my money gone even before any email reached my inbox. But nope, my money remained untouched.

Secondly, even though I read notifications were being rolled out throughout the day, and I could receive a notice at any part of the entire day, most likely if I didn’t hear anything by mid-morning, I knew I wasn’t in.

As the morning drove on, deep down I knew I wasn’t going to be selected. All I wanted, was the official notice to confirm that. And I got it!

Once I received that email, I honestly couldn’t tell you how joyously ecstatic I felt! There was a sense of, how should I put this, relief.

Yes, I was relieved!

Yeah, bad news is a bit of a bummer and I suppose there was an ounce of feeling bummed, but it didn’t last long. I quickly and graciously accepted the lottery results because I knew it wasn’t meant to be.

Of course, I know if I really wanted to, I could still partake in the race by joining a charity which would most likely be the American Cancer Society because I had such a wonderful experience with them, but I quickly realized something.

I plan on running Javelina Jundred again, and if I run Chicago that same month, I realized I would be recreating October 2016 all over again and I didn’t want deja vu. Been there. Done that.

I want to create a new experience, and new experiences, and quite possibly a different outcome next year. A better outcome!

Had I realized this earlier, maybe I wouldn’t have thrown my name into the lottery hat. However, I was curious and of course, if I was selected I’d be planning my trip back to the Windy City, but I’m so happy I’m not! Chicago just saved me a ton of money on airfare, and hotel, and not to mention food, and transportation, and souvenirs. Not getting selected was honestly in my best interest, and I’m so thankful the Universe had my back on this one. This is a really good thing!

Sometimes we receive disappointing news and get stuck in not getting something we want at that moment, but I gotta tell ya, things really do work out for the best. It may not appear that way at first, but they really do.

I love Chicago and it’s Marathon. It’s by far my favorite marathon and it’s a race that will always be near and dear to my heart. And I’m so happy for those who got in, especially for those who will have Chicago be their first marathon. It’s a good great one!

Eventually, I’d love to run Chicago again, but for now, I’m genuinely okay with waiting a little longer, and signing up for another ultra which will be more local, more miles, and much cheaper. See? I knew things are going to work out for the best.

Thanks for reading!

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