A Labor of Love

Labor Day weekend was lovely! I started watching “The Defenders” on Netflix, did a little cleaning, and tried to stay cool because L.A. has been under a scorching heatwave for the past week. However, compared to what others are going through, this was nothing.

Sunday morning I went out on the trails, and it was a strugglefest. It probably didn’t help matters that it was already 85 degrees Fahrenheit at 6AM, the air quality was a little smoky and muggy due to the LaTuna fire that was burning up, and I wasn’t nearly as hydrated as I should’ve been.ย I guess that’s what I get forย not drinking enough water the day before. Oops

I could’ve easily talked myself out of heading out, but I didn’t, and because of that, I got greeted with a beautiful sky. It was one of those skies that makes you want to just stop and stare and lose all track of time. Of course, it was a mixture of sun, clouds, and smoke, but still! I love it when I get outside early and get to see a magnificent sunrise; one where photos do not do it justice.

When I set out, my lower back felt achy as if I slept in the wrong position for the entire night. I probably did. Or this is a reason why I need to up my core work. This could be a sign!! Fine, Universe. I get the hint! But because of this, I didn’t have any expectations for this run. A few miles would do. Time on my feet.

Feeling sluggish and slow, I tried to keep any negative thoughts about how I was obviously feeling very sluggish and slow, out of my head. They wouldn’t serve me well here and they honestly don’t serve any of us well. Those negative thoughts come from ego and it lies to us, and we shouldn’t give them a place in our running and training. Ever!

As I made my way up and down the trails and around the mountain, I was filled with this enormous amount of love for what I was doing in that moment, and maybe I realized it before, or in fleeting moments, but running is such a labor of love.

While I have certain things I’d like to accomplish, I know I run for the sheer pleasure of doing so. It’s those endorphins baby! But ever since training for my first marathon in 2000, up until today, running has been nothing but a labor of love!

Even with my most arduous runs, I remind myself that I may not run forever, so love and enjoy those times just as much as the runs where I feel like I’m flying.

And I certainly wasn’t flying during this time around, but I kept moving, albeit slowly, with one foot in front of the other for 6 miles. I decided to turn around after three because the air quality really wasn’t all that great, and I’m not sure my body was feeling any extra miles this time around.

There was a time 6 miles felt effortless, or at least somewhat easier than feeling like I had 20 cinder blocks strapped to my body, but that was in a different time, and this is a different day; a new day!

I don’t know where my training is going to take me this time around, but one thing is for sure, the love will still be there.

Thank you for reading!

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