Off The Grid: June For The Rebound

Recently I took some time to catch up on something I’ve neglected updating these past several months: my running and training journal. I’m usually pretty good about marking my runs with any notes on how I feel, or any aches and pains creeping up as they happen, but it’s the annual mileage I usually forget to plug in. And as it turns out, May was not the lowest mileage month I’ve had this year!

My lowest mileage month award goes to January who edged out May by 3.51 miles. I shouldn’t be surprised considering I was down with the cold and cough in January. Knock on wood I’ve still kept these at bay since then.

While I try not to compare, it’s hard for me not to look back on where I was this time, last year and not see the difference in mileage and fitness level, or my perceived fitness level. At this point, I’m around 80 miles lower from last year, which isn’t entirely a huge gap, but I guess I felt like the gap was a lot bigger since I wasn’t very consistent in May.

However, it appears June came in for a rebound.

In the first 15 days of June, I surpassed my mileage for the entire month of May – not to mention January – and even though I don’t like to get hung up on the numbers, there is that ego in me that has to let out a big ol’ Woohoo!!  The key is definitely consistency, and I know that’s making a difference in how I feel.

I also know I can’t be looking back at how it was because that was then – when I was focused on the races I had lined up – and this is now, when I don’t.

Last weekend, I finally got together with my Ultra Ordinary Running podcast ladies, Melissa and Angela, for the first time since November. Okay we didn’t actually get together since we’ve got three states amongst us. You can listen to our new episode here and on iTunes.

Over the course of the past several months, we’ve received some inquiries as to when we’ll record again, and it was so sweet of people to do so. Life has been busy and getting all together at one time was challenging, but it was so wonderful to chat with those two ladies again, and I think we’re all hoping we’ll start making it a regular, or semi-regular occurrence going forward.

At one point during our chat, I mentioned about how Javelina Jundred keeps popping up in my mind. Maybe it has to do with the fact I constantly see Arizona license plates several times a week. Alrighty Universe, I’m starting to get the hint! And by the way, when did all these people from Arizona move to Los Angeles?

But honestly, I haven’t decided on whether I want to go after Javelina again this year.

I enjoy not having any set mileage to do. I run for however long I feel, or what my body wants. Could I actually train for 100 miles with this mentality and lack of stern plan? I don’t know. I suppose there’s only way to find out, right?

Until I firmly decide to sign up again, I am going to keep running and training as if Javelina is a very strong possibility, and if the stars align before the race sells out then I’ll go for it. Why not? Life isn’t getting any longer and I’m not getting any younger.

Last weekend, I also got together with my friend Melody whom I hadn’t seen in several hot minutes. We planned this trail run with no set mileage, but we agreed 7 to 10 miles would be in the ballpark.

That morning I woke up feeling tired, but I knew I could pull a 7 miler. We reached the halfway point for 7 miles, and without any discussion on whether to turnaround, we just kept going and finished with 10 miles in the bank that day.

This run would mark my first double digit run since April and I felt so good to get out there for some longer mileage. I’ve missed it. Somewhat. Slightly. Okay, maybe not at all.

Just kidding! 

Now I need to just build from where I am and see where I go.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Good to see you are still running 🙂 I have read and heard that Javelina is a great race for the first time 100k or 100m because of the loops. I look forward to seeing if you run this race again this year. Your attitude that life isn’t getting any longer and you’re not getting any younger…might as well make the most of it!

    1. Thank you Lindsey! It’s true Javelina is one of best races for those distances especially because it’s not technical and there isn’t really any vertical. Definitely no big climbs. The heat is a major factor though and those loops are mentally tougher to do. Not sure if I just talked myself out of, or right back into it. LOL!

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