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Recently while I was resting and recuperating from the common cold, I stumbled onto the Facebook and came across a post from a couple of people I thought was funny. You may have seen these photos floating around if you’re on the Facebook. You know the one, “Be Like Michelle,” “Be Like Chris,” etc. Those are actual people I know and it was their posts I saw.

Anyhoo, I rarely ever click on these sort of links, but I decided for kicks I would. Maybe it was the NyQuil that made me do it. Now…this was before I read some story about these “Be Like…” links posing as potential computer virus feeders. Grrrrreat! Nothing happened though. Hopefully ever. *Fingers crossed.*

Here is what popped up:


And the first thought I had…WOW! HOW DID THEY KNOW THIS?

I found this hilarious!!! This is me!

This is also me…

Christina likes listening to 80’s music, Yacht Rock, and anything she can sing awfully bad to, and dance awfully with.

Christina isn’t lying when she says she sings awfully bad. Adele has nothing to worry about.

Christina gets annoyed with:

  • drivers who cut in front of a long line of cars because they feel entitled
  • people who walk slowly in a crosswalk while you’re waiting for them because they’re too busy burying their nose in their cell phones
  • people who ask you to do something and yet, don’t say thank you
  • people who don’t say thank you period
  • people who talk during a movie
  • flaky people
  • people

Christina loves people! Most of them. Okay, some more than others.

Christina loves animals and doesn’t care to eat them.

Christina doesn’t really care if you eat animals, just don’t throw it in her face. Literally.

But, if you do make fun of Christina for not eating animals, she’ll put on her sassy pants.

Christina likes to put on sassy pants.


Christina is a pretty loyal friend, but if you don’t appreciate her friendship and betray her loyalty, you’ve lost her. Hopefully lost her in a bookstore because Christina loves bookstores.

Christina wasn’t always a runner, she played tennis in high school.

Christina also played soccer, and volleyball and was horrible at them.

Christina has a hard time coping with the fact her parents are getting older.

Christina feels happiness, sadness, fear, worry, anxiety, joy, excitement…and they could all be on the same day.

Christina loves to laugh and loves it if she makes at least one person laugh a day. This person is usually Christina.

Christina likes potato chips, french fries, and root beer and learning new recipes.

Christina can be snappy, sensitive, sarcastic, and spontaneous.

Christina likes drinking green juice but gets lazy making them.

Christina buys vegetables with the intention of eating them, but forgets about them, and they go bad.

Christina is an extrovert.

Christina is an introvert.

Christina likes making up silly jokes that don’t make any sense:

Knock Knock.
Who’s there? 

Christina likes to daydream…usually at night.

Christina is focused on what she wants.

Christina doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up.

Christina is inspired by people who go after their dreams, don’t take “no” for an answer, and never give up.

Christina aspires to be one of those people.

Christina is going to continue running on roads and trails.

Christina is committed to working hard on getting stronger and fitter.

Christina is scared about running 62 miles.

Christina is terrified of running 100 miles.

Christina is not going to let fear stop her from attempting them anyways.

Yes, save Christina.

And yes, Christina is smart.

Thank you for reading!

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